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Dabbing Hash + Weedtube Update

Dabbing Hash + Weedtube Update

Published on August 09, 2018
Just going over a few things and smoking some hash. If you have a rig you would like to send in for You Ship it I Rip it, my P.o. Box is, "P.o. Box 56570, Portland OR, 97238''

Cheers everyone!

Category : WeedTube
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vynxly 4 years ago
Appreciate the sesh!
I'm a little salty about it but at the same time I'm completely ok with seeing the videos 2 days later. I started watching you on here and that's where I'm staying.
mennell 4 years ago
the problem with that is I live in the UK and the High times app can only be downloaded from the US App Store. I'm sure there will be a lot of people in other countries having the same problem.
k420mann 4 years ago
The ball ring is so beautiful!!???? I've had to make a weedtube account and a Instagram just to follow you, since YouTube had kicked you. ???? Keep coming with videos!!