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da girls Holoholo in Pahoa on a mission (Bad Granny & Mtn.Mystic)

da girls Holoholo in Pahoa on a mission (Bad Granny & Mtn.Mystic)

Published on April 12, 2020
Aloha I am Mtn. Mystic.Share my adventures with my best friend Bad Granny. We talk about planting by the moon, experiments, cooking with cannabis, crystals, farming off grid and whatever else pops up. Our mission is having a wonderful ride down the rabbit hole to find the perfect flower, plant to
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Category : Travel
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guess you dont have to worry about traffic..looks wonderful to me cell tower or not..sweeeeaht
Wabbit 2 years ago
some beautiful scenery, many of times i had similiar views up kokee on kauai, thanks for sharing as always, little piece of home, stay safe happy growing
BadGranny 2 years ago
Mahalo Beautiful!!! was an EPIC Adventure, sorry I never made it back down today, totally squirreled out on setting that dang tent up!! did you know tomorrow is EASTER??? this is my first year EVER IN MY LIFE !!!! not having overdosed already on peeps, STOPPED ME DEAD IN MY TRACKS WHEN MY GRANDBABY ASKED FOR PEEPS, I SAID ILL GET SOME FOR EASTER !!! Whoot whoot ,( all proud) and she replays....Nana!!!! the Easter Bunny is coming tonight!!!!! AGGGGGGHHGHHHHGGG LMFAO!!