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Consciousness || Stoner Thoughts

Consciousness || Stoner Thoughts

Published on March 02, 2021

Hey everyone and welcome to a new episode of Stoner Thoughts! On todays episode we will be talking all about"consciousness". Not just consciousness in the literal dictionary definition either, but the type of consciousness Eckhart Tolle describes in his book "A New Earth". Sit ba

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driv 2 years ago
Being Found is such a great audiobook listen!!
Good Luck On Your Fist Grow My Friend! From the little cut-a-way you showed of them, they looked healthy! Interesting topic you brought up here today! Got my brain overthinking on this now! Happy gardening, stay frosty!
Unity_Taz 2 years ago
Hey I loved ur book and I really appreciated the sentiment of why u wrote the book. When will the second book be released? I’ve gone to the website but it doesn’t say anything about a future release date
contempl8 2 years ago
When I was on this same journey as you are on now. I remember reading everything including Eckhart Tolle and watching hundreds of hours of videos from people who claimed to be “awake’. I was desperate to be free of my mental suffering. Then one day I was listening to an audio book from UG Krisnamurti. He was trying to help someone get his message. He then said something that stopped my mind in its tracks. It’s not important that UG said it but what he said that mattered to me. He said “you have to be free, from your need to be free”. That stopped my seeking dead in its tracks for a long while. Suffering is from your need for things to be different than as they are now. I don’t know if that will hit anyone like it hit me. It really doesn’t matter. You asked us to share and this is what I have. Just remember the next time something in nature take your breath away like a flower or a sunset. You are part of that exact same nature. You can not be separated from it. You and the view are one.
nymphet 2 years ago
I subbed and liked before you even exhaled Great content man :)