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Concentrate Review - Do-Si-Dos Vape Cart - King Tuts Cannabis

Concentrate Review - Do-Si-Dos Vape Cart - King Tuts Cannabis

Published on January 20, 2023

Here is my review for Do-Si-Dos Vape Cart from King Tuts Cannabis.


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Ang4dub92510 2 months ago
What’s up Mc D yeah I agree with you on the cartridges are used to use them on a daily basis they were so harsh man my lungs I would just be coughing up stuff every morning so I stop but yeah when you get to 95%, 92% THC it’s very hard for anything else to work so I had to actually back off but boy do I love me some cartridges every once in a while lol keep up the awesome work man you’re one of the best weedtubers in my opinion I look forward to your videos every single day, and I find myself going down the rabbit hole. Every time I watch a video I’ll stay and watch 10 or 15 more I don’t wanna watch every single video because if I do, I have nothing to watch tomorrow lol. Be safe up there in Canada. Till the next one.