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Come Take A DAB With Me !!

Come Take A DAB With Me !!

Published on May 19, 2021

Hey Smokerzz!! What the fuck is up, it's ya girl Melstackzz and today I'm taking a DAB.

Come take a dab with me and let me know in the comments below if you wanna see more like this!

The piece I am using is from the Daily High Club dab starter kit (not sponsored).

Make sure to follow me o

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Infalung78 1 year ago
damn girl that was one hell of a hit you put in there looks like you got pretty toasted off it. I haven't been out to Colorado in years my sister and I used to fly out there smoking weed in the planes bathroom my mom worked for TWA and all we had to pay was the taxes usually around 10 bucks and my dad had an uncle out there and we would fly into Denver and rent a car and he lived in Aurora right next to the I think it was an Air Force Base it was some kind of the Armed Forces place but anyways we used to go out and we would drive to Breckenridge that was on the side of three different mountains I think and I've skied at Copper Mountain I've skied snowstar my favorite one was Breckenridge though and we would go out there and stay for a week at a time and we always had a good time my dad's uncle Lenny had these 2 Saint Bernards and they were so spoiled they ate off China plates always a good time! ✌