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COD Warzone with Kat

COD Warzone with Kat

Published on April 11, 2020
Hey, its Kat! Come smoke some weed & grind COD with me! Season three just started! Xbox gamertag - taKstiFollow me on instagram for daily content @itskat_official
Category : Gaming
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I really enjoyed the editing and I’m a big gamer myself... I used to twitch, wish I could play with you but my ex (bf at the time) literally stole my Xbox from me to give to his kids after we split so I need to save up to get another one... at the moment I’m doing mobile gaming.
Trevillain 2 years ago
This game looks so sick. I can’t wait to play. Keep up the dope videos!
Mr.7 2 years ago
nice vid mate i like to snipe in multiplayer and the ax50 also the hdr in br is a one shot to the head always