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Cloning and update of veg and flower room

Cloning and update of veg and flower room

Published on February 16, 2020

So I'm just figuring out how to clone if anybody has any tips would much appreciate it I haven't had good success with the cloning in the past. I also didn't have the right lighting. I hope I'm off to the races now though this is day 13 in the flower room, some bud sights starting an

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Wabbit 2 years ago
for most of my clones i take, dip in rootone or rootstim (walmart brand works good)and put in a jiffy pellet. I have mine in a container that i keep covered(humidity control basically) and keep it moist....with in a week you have roots and clones can be transplanted into a bigger container......last step is i keep covered for a few extra days so the plant can adjust to the new soil before uncapping....good luck my friend, check my channel i clone all the time with my grows, happy growing
BadGranny 2 years ago
Good job CodyGrowilla, for veg, you mighty want to check out at least a 400 watt lights, I'm not an indoor grower but defiantly can see that your babies could use some sunshine. For me personally I have the best success with the bubbler method for clones, in your box set up( although it a clever work around) you may have better luck if you try. I know I've seen several people using them, ( BeardB, Mr. Foxx, Dutchman 420) wishing you a great season and keep up the great work.
looks good man. one tip if you want it is only go off the actual from the wall power. example my one light is a 1500 watt cob that pulls 250 watts from the wall. I had found lots online that said for led or cfl, plan on at least 50 watts per square foot of floor space. The higher quality lights are a different story as are hps etc. I vegged with cfls very well, but I think I had 11 of them surrounding the canopy really close to hit I think about 45 watts per square foot
looking pretty niiiice โ™กโ™ก i grow in a basement as well