Clones!!! How to make them, and transplant to soil!!!

Clones!!! How to make them, and transplant to soil!!!



Published on March 24, 2020

Hi Everyone. Welcome to this week of Grow 420 TV, and thanks for joining us. On this video we will look at clones. Some will already know, but for those of us who do not know what clones are. Clones are a cutting taken from a plant. Usually a small branch. This cutting is than put into growing mediu

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BadGranny 1 year ago
Great video Grow420tv!! mahalo for sharing, ladies looking beautiful as always, hope you and your ohana are all happy and healthy!
dabbz 1 year ago
Thank you for your videos sir.
JayGrows 1 year ago
Good video man. How do you like that electric sky? is it the es300?
stoner-lounge 1 year ago
I always love your videos!! I don’t grow my own weed but it’s always nice to have a friend who’s good at what he does... with the knowledge to back up why he does what he does!!! I usually just come watch because your voice is calming and of course for the education!!
milkcartonkid 1 year ago
Great video!! what was the blue fluorescent bulb? I never once thought of using another cup and I'll be doing that next time.
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