Clockwork Garden | My routine for Pest Management |

Clockwork Garden | My routine for Pest Management |



Published on June 10, 2020
Hey everyone hope you all are doing well and growing big trees.
In todays video I will be showing you whats been working for me to combat bugs in my garden. The outdoor season is here and bugs are in full effect, so I hope my routine can show you one of many ways to deal with pests while still usin
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NomadicNative 1 year ago
I like Dr. Zymes, it's a contact killer, non-systemic. It can be used in flower but the active ingredient is citric acid which will crash and discolor the bud's white pistols, did mine. This can be solved by spraying the plants with plain water to wash off the Dr. Zymes before it dries. These days I'm using Lost Coast Plant Therapy in our IPB, works great but comes with a bit of sticker shock. I spoke with Kirt, the owner a while back. He said that it's ok to mix an ounce of alcohol in a gallon of water with an ounce of plant therapy to make it go further, alcohol melts the exoskeleton of spider mites so it helps. Venerate is another spray that works well and can be used upto the day of harvest. Best thing I've done recently for pest control is I got a Wagner paint sprayer, blows out a nice mist cloud about 8 feet out, awesome!
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