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Chocolate Canna Fudge

Chocolate Canna Fudge

Published on August 15, 2019

A Simple easy fudge that will want you wrapping a piece and laying on your pillow every night!

Cooking With Cannabis Merchandise!

Category : Cooking w/ Cannabis
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AudioKushTV 3 years ago
mmm this sounds so good. Thank you for sharing!
SDGirl_JB 3 years ago
My gosh that looked so creamy!
Brassia 3 years ago
Keep the great videos coming.
OMG Bev you sure are making some mighty fine ways to take our medical cannabis. I do love having my little stock piles of edible meds to choose from. Keep them great videos coming sis!!! Luvs ya ~Tina
Bev . . . set the guest room up! Sister here is coming for a visit! I do love all of these recipes . . . but my fibro loves you more for sharing the recipes with all of us out here in the social media world! Keep the good job up sis!!! XOXO Remember to take some Bev time out & heal!!! You have had one hell of a rollercoaster ride this past month . . . but remember this I will always support you in everything you do! Thats what us sisters do we look out for each pther & support each other XOXO Luvs ya ~Tina