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Chill & Chilly Smoke Sesh- Lighter Hunt

Chill & Chilly Smoke Sesh- Lighter Hunt

Hello, everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful day. This is the first video in a while that I've actually put time into edditing, and I had a bit of fun with it, I hope you do too.
Category : Comedy
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FecoLeo 2 years ago
You look very nice today. Wow, look at all that snow! Haha, Chilli Biscuits. I feel your frustration - some days the lighter just doesn't work. Pretty pipe, matches the unikitty hat! Just looked up what a rice sock is, what a great idea (thanks)! So you're a Fetus Grande fan; I prefer her later work. The Kiefening! My vote is New Years. Sequel to the Poopmojipocalype! If you ever want to make some money and you finish your project for your friend, I'd buy a kitty hat! My favorite part: your singing. My breakfast: a little bit of cream cheese on a poppyseed bagel. Sorry, I don't use other social media.

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