CHERRY DIESEL (KIND TREE) okay weed but why so peppery?

CHERRY DIESEL (KIND TREE) okay weed but why so peppery?



Published on May 01, 2021
PA Bud medical marijuana review today will be reviewing kind tree Cherry diesel that I got at Beyond hello for $90 a quarter. This is a cross between Cherry OG and turbo diesel. this has a total thca of 23.35I think this marijuana delivers a really nice high but I have seen better looking weed in my
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SKEastCoast 1 month ago
Just need to vent. I sick of people calling joints "prerolls". They already had a name. For some reason the weed industry thought it would be cool to rename it. It grates my nerves everytime I hear or see the name preroll. What else are we going to start renaming? People are starting to call a regular pipe a "dry pipe". It's just a pipe. We need to stop renaming things. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Ahhhhh... Kids these days. That stuff wasn't trimmed very good. I can see a pile of leaves under the weed and big leaves still on the buds. Whoever is doing the trimming should be fired. If I gave that to my people they would immediately point out all the leaves still on it. There's also a lot of weed snobs out there that want perfect stuff.
Kirk TV 1 month ago
I’ve been pretty satisfied with kind tree flower but the vapes are always garbage.
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