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Cheapest 8th VS Most Expensive 8th

Cheapest 8th VS Most Expensive 8th

Published on June 07, 2022

I wanted to show you guys exactly what the legal weed market is like out here. A 14$ 8th sounds like it would be literal garbage.....but I was pleasantly surprised. This is just 1 installment of this new series.....I cant wait to do more of these....maybe a pound episode ahahahah.

Category : Education
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kayden987 5 months ago
Yo yola, I’m from the uk, if you wanna get weed you just have to phone the dealer like old school 🀣 you don’t really know what your getting sometimes but I’m off to Amsterdam soon I’d love to see you do a vid in Amsterdam in the future and rate the weed either compared to America or compared to other strains πŸ’™
henrymarsh 5 months ago
Bro yola out in Texas it almost feels like the normal everyday plugs have crazy fire bud. Not so much concentrate but for some reason we get gas, I’m in south Texas do you think it’s coming from the cartels
Love Yola been here for the longest glad to see the elevation hard times all that but still persevering love bro. Keep pushing πŸ’™
Olivialjuan 5 months ago
The one person that disliked is the person paying ten racks to delete Yola
Sagyfatface 5 months ago
lake grade Lemmon sour desiel was the first L.A weed I bought and it was sill pretty fucken fire. it was the cleanest outdoor I've ever seen and was only $22