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Chat & Sesh!

Chat & Sesh!

Published on May 06, 2021

Greetings everyone, my name is Brooke AKA @vegantoker21 and this is just a little chatty sesh I decided to film. I am new to The Weedtube and I am happyto be here! I hope you all enjoy this video. Thank you for watching. I'll see you all soon. :)❤️

Twitter: @veganhippie20

Instagram: @vegan

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Category : New Tubers
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I felt drawn to click on your video, and I'm happy I did. I completely related to your struggles and realizations. I have been dancing around possibly making my first video because of the same reasons you mentioned, and watching you here really inspired me to just go ahead and do it. Thank you!
I love your makeup look, it's very bold and pretty! I can't do long, heavy earrings but yours are super cute! I also love astronomy stuffs! Your bubbler piece is so dang adorable!! I've also had struggles with confidence and shyness, still do even, but I believe WeedTube has definitely helped! It's such an amazing community, very open and supportive of fellow humans, it's so great! You are definitely not alone here! I've lived in southern California my entire Life, same tiny little town and it'll always be "home" though I, too, feel awfully lonely sometimes so the online world is more "home" to me. Congrats on the move!! My sister lives up there with her family, and I have a couple friends up there, too, I'd love to visit again. Miracle Alien Cookies sounds awesome! I'm proud of you, too, and excited for you! I get super chatty when high, too! A nature sesh would be so great, Washington is very pretty! I'm jealous, living in the soCal desert where it rarely rains and just.. dirt. XD