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Cannabis, Kratom And Vape News Today

Cannabis, Kratom And Vape News Today

Today I wanted to do something different, perhaps I'm just a bit burnt out IDK

In any case I'm covering different topics in this one and browsing daily news info in multiple sectors.

#cannabis #kratom #cannabisnews #marijuana #marijuananews #kratomnews #vapes #vapenews

Category : News
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Infalung77 9 months ago
cool video it's about time that they legalize cannabis in the US you know it is when the police agree that it should be legal I mean come on what more of a push do you need and about the kratom that is just unbelievable the way the article was written like you said it just doesn't add up I mean come on no one in their right mind would believe a cock-and-bull story like that sounds like that's either fake news or a cover-up and I tend to put my money on the latter of the two let's just hope 2022 is a better year than what we just have experienced looking forward to the next video and probably talk to you next year catch you on the flip side my brother. ✌

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