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Cannabis Harvest Report! - Indoor Medical Marijuana Grow

Cannabis Harvest Report! - Indoor Medical Marijuana Grow

Cannabis harvest report for my indoor medical marijuana grow. Strains I grew this round: Super Sweet Tooth, Snake Venom, Sage N Sour, Caramelicious, & Queen Anne's Revenge. If you enjoyed this video please click that thumbs up button :)


Series playlist (episodes 1-13): https://ww

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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420matty 2 years ago
bud all the way up the shaft.... dam. impressive
Kauldronborn 2 years ago
Noob question: Is there a reason for starting in Solo cups and not just dropping a seed into the 3gal on day one?
homegrone 2 years ago
nice buds bro
RainUgly 2 years ago
Great Video. I'm gonna have to give Queen Anne's Revenge a try. That plant turned out awesome.
brucebarchus 2 years ago
Do you buffer your Coco with Cal mag helps on Calmag deficiency Also your sensors for your humidity in your tent do you have a link for those are description

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