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Cannabis Breeding Basics - Advanced Topic

Cannabis Breeding Basics - Advanced Topic

Time to learn marijuana breeding! Today on Lex’s world I discuss some basic concepts in Cannabis Breeding including the actual breeding basic process, inbreeding, outbreeding, Punnet squares, recessive and dominant traits (phenotypes), as well as touch on backcrossing and self-pollinating. Enj

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pensionplanner 3 years ago
lex,,,first off thanks so much for the video im 50 been a smoker all my life just started growing for first time ever ,,im smoking my first crop now and i wish i could burn one with you to say thanks for all your help,,,,my issue is ,,i grew an auto flower in my tent with 2 other plants one of wich turned hermaphrodite, i probably stressed it out ,but it pollinated the other 2 ,,,so my question is what do u think the chances are that the seeds from auto flower will be auto flower????cant find much on breeding auto flower if ur lookin for video idea

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