BRB || Arend Loves You Season 1 Finale

BRB || Arend Loves You Season 1 Finale



Published on December 30, 2018
Welcome to the season finale for the first season of Arend Loves You. It's been such an amazing journey learning what this show is episode by episode with you guys! I can't believe how many episodes there are and I am so proud of every single one. I hope you enjoy this finale. Don't worry. It isn't the
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ArendRichard 2 years ago
littleelfqueen 2 years ago
Literally cried bittersweet tears because I loved looking back at your amazing year. Honestly, you posting seasons of Arend Loves You works better for how busy I am too. I love having so much content from you but I have to come back and try to catch up. Recording and releasing later will make it easier to keep up on. I make sure to follow your insta for updates and I'm so PROUD of everything you've done in the cannabis community. I love you so much and you will always play a major role in this industry now. I'll always come back. There are honestly Youtubers I would still follow from almost 10 years ago if they still posted. Please always at least update us on here every so often. I love hearing how you are doing and I care for all the other Weedtubers and friends you have too. Its so nice to escape to these videos if I'm having a down day. Again, I love you and I know you are doing amazing things this year. I look forward to the videos later. ?
melissa-ryan 2 years ago
You gave us the Weed Tube, how could we ever forget you?!?! You are the best and you will always be important and needed!
stoneradam 2 years ago
chelseaw0828 2 years ago
i really enjoy Arend loves you. love you love you love you
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