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BONG RIPS + Q and A!!!!

BONG RIPS + Q and A!!!!

Published on December 30, 2018
What is up buds. I cannot express to each and everyone of you how much i adore you and how appreciative I am that you watch my content, especially here on theweedtube! In this video I answered some of your questions from instagram and took a bunch of bong rips. I was definitely lit by the end of it!
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Just wanted to say that you sound like the conductor from The Polar Express getting his beard pulled in the first clip of your video ??? I’ve been laughing about it for 10 min
CandleFuck! I made a WeedTube account just for YOU and KoalaPuffs so i can comment on videos.
omg if the delph hit the ground it would have been THE greatest tragedy of 2018... also candlefuck haha mac you are my spirit animal