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Blindfold Bongrips! (guess the strain+piece)

Blindfold Bongrips! (guess the strain+piece)

Published on August 09, 2020

Lets try something new and funny, some blindfolded bong rips as I try to guess each one. This video went way off from what I planned and it turned out even better. We had a blast making this one, I hope you all enjoyed and look forward to more content like this. Leave a like, subsribe to my channel

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Category : WeedTube
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I love watching your videos, but you really need to do something about your volume dude! I can't hear what you are saying man! Peace man!
dopedev420 2 years ago
Loved this, What a fun video!!!!
budbart 2 years ago
Hey, Blazed! This was a great one. It was not stupid at all. In fact it showed a lot of great things like: it's tough to tell the strains apart even with knowing the taste and the smell. Please, please please try to get your lovely and talented editor (she really does a good job, especially with the graphics) to come on camera and just give us a glimpse. If you want to torture us, have her wear a face mask, sunglasses and a hat so we can't see her. But I'd LOVE to see her. She's obviously knowledgeable. She had good technique in lighting the pack and pulling the plug on the bong. Don't know what you call that thing. Anyway, this was fun and different and very engaging. Like very much your giving the statistics, like percent of THC. You sure seemed wasted toward the end of the video. Good for you. Seems like you're going more for the high THC these days. Also noticed you don't hold it in long. You exhale quickly. Thought effect would be stronger if you held it. Maybe you could comment?
The rip at the start of the video was make me miss smoking, and I like your style and I just started a clothing company inspired by weed would love your support and keep smoking brother love your content so far!!
0:03 before I even watch... no, lol