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BlazedxDazed Merch?? New Release!

BlazedxDazed Merch?? New Release!

Published on May 06, 2021

Welcome back buds, today is the first video every finally releasing my merch! I'ts been in the works for a long time but it's finaly her and I'm so hype to see where it goes. Be sure to check out the page below and let me know what you think of everything, it

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budbart 1 year ago
Branching out with good stuff. Already checked out your website: nd think you're off to a good site. Hope you'll be able to add some hempwick sometime, too. Gee, your fans want everything, don't they? How about doing a :30 commercial for your website that you can drop in your videos from time to time, along with the Patreon link so folks can get where they want to go quickly. Good job, Blazed. Like the link to the site. How about adding the Patreon link up there, too? I'd rather see your commercial in your videos than some random message for someone else. Peace.