BlackBerry Kush AutoFlower Harvest

BlackBerry Kush AutoFlower Harvest



Published on May 28, 2021

As the title indicates we are going to be trimming and harvesting my 2 autoflower plants

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As well I should ment

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rysbigbuds 1 month ago
I liked the trick with the bbq brush. I’ve never thought of doing trimming with one of them. I either use scissors or with a bowl trimmer. Still pretty nice job with the brush. Not a bad yield for a couple small autos. Check out the last round I did of Afghan skunk autos and candy cane autos. Stay safe and happy growing
dopedev420 1 month ago
Oh wow!! I bet that helps your hands when you use that to brush off the (fan?) leaf's of the bud.
bluhousegrow 1 month ago
very nice video slim buds look nice n frosty keep up the great work
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