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Best Sale  Electric Nectar Collector in 2020

Best Sale Electric Nectar Collector in 2020

Published on October 07, 2020

This brand new Electric Nectar Collector designed with new hollowed coil-less ceramic heating tip. Unlike products on the market, surprisingly, there’s no direct contact between coil and contents. Now, the heat is perfectly evenly distributed. No burning and the taste are smoother. More dura

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Infalung78 2 years ago
$14 a gram that's a hell of a good price I'm in Illinois and I'm a medical patient the cheapest gram we have here is $60 yeah and I pay the lowest tax. for medical it's only 1% if your recreational you would have to pay upwards of 65 to 70 dollars I've been watching your videos 4/2 years now looking forward to your next one. ✌