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Being a Woman PT.2  || 2 Girls 1 Bong Podcast

Being a Woman PT.2 || 2 Girls 1 Bong Podcast

Published on February 08, 2022

Welcome to Episode 21 of the 2 Girls 1 Bong Podcast! In this episode, Your host MacDizzle and Joya discuss Being a Woman Part 2. Have you ever wondered why they keep the office’s at work so cold? Or the fact that there aren’t any crash test dummies that represent the average woman? MacDi

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Category : Potcasts
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Pixie Tay 11 months ago
Fun fact! Anne Frank actually talks about having her first period in her diary and she talks about hormones and feeling attracted to someone sexually for the first time! I think she was like 13. She also talks about this one dude to they all hated because he mansplained all the time. lol So she did give a tiny glimpse of the female life!
chrisx432 11 months ago
Great vid as always
dopedev420 11 months ago
Honestly learned SOOOO much from this episode!!
an idea i randomly had for your lag issue, is what if you chatted thru discord, and recorded that audio separate from the video chat? Dev would have to put that together in editing, but it might make audio quality better <3 love the podcast regardless !
This was awesome to listen to!