Beginner Mistakes When Growing Cannabis

Beginner Mistakes When Growing Cannabis



Published on March 01, 2021

Is it your first time growing cannabis? If you're just starting your home grow, or have been growing cannabis but are coming across issues, we're here to shed some light on the most common beginner mistakes we see so you don't have to! Our Horticulturalist

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dopedev420 6 months ago
Great upload!!!
tnb-naturals-inc 5 months ago
Great video! Very easy to watch and understand :)
provisional_air 1 month ago
love this!
Infalung78 1 month ago
I knew that growing today's cannabis things sure have changed I first started growing in 1975 and I grew every year up until 1995 mostly Outdoors couple small indoors but I live in Illinois and this has never been legal here until 2020 so I was kind of a back woods gorilla farmer I would pick the outside edges Timber that was usually the safest place to grow I lived in a small find community and the person I worked for owned and agricultural service and also ran a bedding plant production facility and is also a farmer and I did all of these jobs I was more or less a handyman oh and did I forget to tell you the guy that worked for was my wife's uncle? so I had some access to certain chemicals like straight 28% nitrogen the strain early Pearl which was a Cross of mother of pearl and early girl was growing love that nitrogen so I'm basically learning all over again as far as nutrients and grow tents they didn't have grow tents in my day those were the days of metal halide or fluorescent.✌
N3BULA 5 months ago
Thank you for the tips!
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