bazooka  bro strain  review

bazooka bro strain review



Published on May 13, 2021
talkin about a strain called bazooka bro a sativa smoke also a talk about a contest
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cmntImg 1 month ago
got you bro lol
base79 1 month ago
Smoking on some Platinum Garlic my dude grew from a seed I gave him from in house genetics and omg. Edibles mostly for me to treat my crohn's but if I'm home joints and a few dabs. Good review bro. Never heard of that one.
DLgrower 4 weeks ago
Great review dude! Yeah those creepers will lay you out sometimes lol. I like to micro dose all day long using a bowl or hitter and save the heavy medicating for the evenings. Right now it's Dreamberry during the day and Crunchberry Surprise at night. Keep it lit!
Infalung78 4 weeks ago
right on Kenny I like what you had to say I'm smoking on some punch breath from Bedford grow here in Illinois. ✌
SKEastCoast 4 weeks ago
I never heard of that one. Looks good. I'm smoking on some RuntzbxGelato. It's dreamy. I prefer joints. I can't smoke tobacco or blunt wraps. I'm kinda allergic to tobacco smoke. I literally can't breath around it. For me all I care about is how it smokes and if I can feel a buzz. But, for the people I share with all they care about is thc level so they can sleep at night. But, I need some kind of daytime smoke so I don't fall asleep during the day. I think for my next seed contest I'm going to let the winners choose what seeds they want. I might make the video today.
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