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BadGranny Update TWTGC October moving

BadGranny Update TWTGC October moving

Published on October 06, 2020
BadGranny looks back on SKEastCoasts babies and SKs finishing Maui Monkey Butter
Category : News
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in-da-ca 2 years ago
Nice enjoyed the video n content, all the ladies on the video are beautiful nothing but love in that garden
Good to see you ladies again. Glad to see yous are as jolly as always. Funny shit, ladies :D
โ™กโ™ก youse two are too funny
Kirk TV 2 years ago
You have the most beautiful garden
Hey hey! There they are! Hi ladies, nice to hear from you! I was starting to wonder what had happened to you two!? Looks like your in good spirits! HAhahahaha.... I nearly spit out my coffee when Mountian Mystic was giving us some lady on lady action there! Lol! Although that beautiful green lady was giving me some penis envy, she was well hung! LOL! An applause for trying to take on that mouthful too! Hahaha! Anyways my friends, how goes things? Are you actually moving into a new place and doing that work? Or just doing a kitchen/bathroom reno at the place you were at? Looks like your knocking out the floor there in any case! Like the color! I am moving into flushing the last two of my ladies today! I have a Blackberry mouth drying, the other one is getting wet trimmed tonight and on to the drying rack with the first one! a couple of videos there for you to look at and more coming in the next few days! Still haven't received the package yet!? Very nice to hear from you two! Much love!