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BadGranny Gutter experiment

BadGranny Gutter experiment

Published on February 27, 2020
BadGranny my Dads coming gotta be on my best behavior.
Category : Growing/Gardening
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Wabbit 2 years ago
thanks for the shout out, def gonna have to smoke one next time im back on the island, some of my family live on the big island, my brother works on the mauka, hes a volcanolist, not a joke, i have tons of good memories of the big island as i am one of the original students of na pua no eau, gave us kauaii kids a chance to hang out with our big island brothers and sisters, hahaha excited for your mauka trip....big island maile...big leaf hahahaha
♡♡ mama if you can roll a joint THAT long, i will give you a thousand gold stars! ♡♡ have a great weekend
dOPE Video Queen! Ima support what you do! Like for like, Subscribe for subscribe?
nice papers! lol the little transplants look well. happy growing!
JayGrows 2 years ago
Hahaha, good old supernatural papers. Used the supernatural roller to roll steph's 12 incher' in her video. Too funny, you gotta film that session!