Autoflower Guerilla Grow 2021 Week 14 (The End)

Autoflower Guerilla Grow 2021 Week 14 (The End)



Published on August 17, 2021


Category : Growing/Gardening


StartWithAnE 2 months ago
September has been the most summery month so far this year -.-
Infalung77 1 month ago
wow that sucks when you have mold or Bud rot I can just about pinpoint why you got what you did there's so much vegetation in the area you are growing with no air movement in there the humidity has got to be Sky High I'm sure that you already know that and next year you've got to pick up different place but that's the way I started out with Gorilla farming back in 1975 been growing strong ever since good luck on next year's grow and what you have left of this year pick out an area now that it will give you an idea of what next year is going to be like that is what I would do that's my opinion looking forward to your next video catch you on the flip side. ✌
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