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Ask Emma: How Does Cannabis Affect Teens?

Ask Emma: How Does Cannabis Affect Teens?

Published on August 29, 2019

In this week's episode, Emma discusses how cannabis use can affect brain development in teens.

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Category : Education
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Yamos 3 years ago
I disagree with this conclusion. Cannabinoids are a neuro-protectant and in fact protect the brain from trauma, even the “developing brain.” Any depression or behavioral problems are already present in the individual. I’ve term toking up regularly from the age of 13 and am now 55, and have a youthful attitude and I am super creative. However, I do totally agree on the assessment as to the best age to start toking up, if only because pot does affect the memory, making hard for most people to retain information. PS I got my training from Cannabis Training University.
sooooo? what about asthma , sickle cell anemia , tourette syndrome? all though your answers and review is spot on with Google, we have to ask who are the gate keepers of knowledge and is there an agenda to their information. all information must be double checked , even if it's from a valid source . nice video but the truth goes deep
Dope Video Right Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't listen to the haters, you did a great video.
When I was 13, I was depressed and suicidal. I found cannabis to be extremely helpful at the time. Zoloft and the other drugs they experimented on me with seemed far more harmful. By age 20, it was IBS. Again, cannabis helped when I decided to stop taking the belladonna and phenobarbital the doctor prescribed. Not sure how a neuroprotective chemical like THC can cause brain harm, but hopefully we'll have some evidence one way or the other, soon.