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Ask Emma: Does Cannabis Kill Cancer?

Ask Emma: Does Cannabis Kill Cancer?

In today's episode, Emma answers the question, does cannabis kill cancer?

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Category : Education
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steppinelf 2 years ago
Chemo patient here, if Cannabis was an option at that time I would have went there first. My body is still recovering, they will not remove the port, BUT I haven't had them eyeballing me for treatments yet, and I'm due for another cycle. I have Radiation Necrosis of the brain from the radiation treatment they had to give me post op for a tumor, lil buggar just can't bare to leave me, so they keep a close eye on what's left in my head. But the symptoms haven't returned, in fact I'm getting sharper, and I have began to walk short distances after one DR said it wouldn't happen. My personal experience,my determination.
Ganja_Guy808 2 years ago
CANNABIS or chemotherapy Wich would you choose ?
ThirzaTumTum 2 years ago
listen to actual patients from their mouth.
ThirzaTumTum 2 years ago

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