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Ash Catcher?? New Edition!

Ash Catcher?? New Edition!

Published on October 25, 2020

Adding a new edition to my glass collection, an ashcatcher! This piece is so dope, so be sure to check this video out for more information. Thank you for watching. Stay Blazed, Stay Dazed

Category : WeedTube
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DANKYFRANKY 2 years ago
ive been looking to invest in an ash catcher for some time now! this vitae one looks so dope!
budbart 2 years ago
Wow. Another video in just a couple of days. Awesome. You did a super job of explaining what an ash catcher is and the benefits of having one. I have seen occasional debris in the bottom of the bongs that adds to the general need for cleaning (which you did explain very, very well previously. Well done, as always. Can definitely see why the plugs silicone or cork are so useful, especially the cork. You always have good material and present it in a very thoughtful way. Thanks for all the hard work. Peace.
Vitae 2 years ago
Lovely video as always! You can try this aschcatcher on the beaker too, we noticed a slanted one is not always necessary especially if you tilt your bongs when you hit it, it kinda balances it out and works perfectly for it too.