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Arise #12 Do Colder Temps Reduce Stretch

Arise #12 Do Colder Temps Reduce Stretch

Hola mis amigos. Hope all my cannafam is doing good out there in the world. Starting Week 2 of flower and I did go ahead and cull the male Arise plant. I just placed it in one of the extra tents I have for the mean time, I plan on just tossing it in our dead leave pile outside, we've just had cr

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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CrazyHandGrows 1 year ago
I actually sent my friend with a 3D printer the schematics for some of those branch benders! Thanks for the tips!
Thud 1 year ago
High CrazyHand, Try these tip benders; EBay search "Low Stress Training (LST) and Plant Training, This is for 30 clips". They Rock. I have amputated the top half of rogue plants and had great results. Before you Off that one, cut some heads off.

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