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Ari's Toking : Goodbye TWT

Ari's Toking : Goodbye TWT

Published on April 29, 2021

Well gang, it was fun while it lasted, but sadly I have to move on. Truthfully I haven't even checked my TWTin the 3 months I've been away, and I haven't had the time or patience to record or upload anything new. I've beenbusy with my kids and my music, focusing more on my priorities

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Category : WeedTube
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TechNoWeb 1 year ago
heres a tip dude. if your going to say follow me on another platform you need to put links in your description. at the end of this video i could not even understand you. see the weird names you use is hard to spell so when your stoned to the point that you can not be understood your not going to get any followers. just a tip