Arend VS. Air Purifier Hotbox

Arend VS. Air Purifier Hotbox



Published on December 16, 2019

As a stoner, I think it's important to be respectful with your consumption especially in your own home. You have to live in it! So today I go over some ways I keep my house fresh while consuming cannabis inside AND I have a little hotbox challenge with my Klarwind Air Purifier! Watch the whole v

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HippieSpinach 1 year ago
There is a 30% coupon on Amazon for this too, and it is stackable with Arend's coupon code. I tried it with the 760 Sq Ft model and it took the price from $449 down to $157.15!!!!
chunkystoner98 1 year ago
Definitely do the video with your dad or better yet... your landlord lol
geraldine9172 1 year ago
HEY AREND'S DAD! Please help your son make a hotbox video! And, I think it would be super cool if you took just ONE tiny hit off of his pipe! lol We love your son, he's crazy funny and extremely inspirational. Love you, Arend and thanks for the new video
puffpuffgyal 1 year ago
Lmao that first bong hit lmaooo
katelin-brown 1 year ago
I just ordered the large model for 760sqft. I can’t wait to see how it functions in my apartment. I already do most of these things to prevent the smell. But I’ve been wanting something to help with allergies. Since living in CO, my allergies are horrible! Thanks for the advice, and the coupon code!
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