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Published on February 12, 2021

Well.. I can't believe the day is finally here that I'm vlogging again. Truly, I never thought that I would. But happy to be here and grateful for any of you watching. Want another one? Better let me know in the comments!

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provisional_air 3 months ago
Damnnnnnnnnnn that strip tease tho (;
duecedubbs 3 months ago
I’ve missed these vlogs
contempl8 3 months ago
I understand where you are at. When we find out that rules and beliefs we were given are false it rocks us. We question everything and then we do something that’s neither good or bad but I find it to be a little bit of a trap. We just Freed ourselves from beliefs others gave us but then search right away to find someone else to tell us how it all works and what we should do to be happy someday. What’s wrong with just not knowing for a while and come to our own conclusions. Why do we trust strangers you may never truly know more than we trust ourselves and our own immediate experiences. Now I look at life like a huge bong hit I never meant to take. That one that gets you to an uncomfortable feeling and you say to yourself this could go either way. After that moment of panic I just tell myself to go with it. You can’t get off the ride now. Your in it until it’s over. Play it like a video game and look for the Easter eggs. Enjoy, it. doesn’t matter anyway. There are no scorecards. Peace
DANKYFRANKY 3 months ago
currently watching this at work! so glad to see an arend vlog!!!
bluntlynicole 3 months ago
Yessssss! Loved this
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