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Are you Feeding Your Plants the Correct pH? (Daily Exclusive Weedtube Upload)

Are you Feeding Your Plants the Correct pH? (Daily Exclusive Weedtube Upload)

Published on August 23, 2019
I cover a very important topic regarding pH. I explain that NPK and all the other elements that come with your nutrients have different uptake availabilities as your pH changes. I help you understand this concept so you can maximize your plants and feeding them.  I hope you learned something from t
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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Hey wizard, great video. I’ve seen a lot about if you used dry amended coco with perlite PH should be 6.5-6.8 RO water with top dressings once every 30-45 days. You’re saying dry amended coco should be 5.5-5.9?
BakedArea 3 years ago
Hey Wizard. are the only one that has convinced me to join weedtube so that I can access your exclusive content. I appreciate what you are sharing with us. Thank you. I used my pH meter for the first time yesterday to test my filtered tap water. It was coming back at 7.5. I am using a soil. I still have to check my soil's pH to see how I will proceed. Looks like every watering and feeding will require some pH Down then correct? You mentioned 6 for soil so 1.5 points over is a bit much for the soil to buffer I am assuming. Should I treat the soil too to try and bring that down?
tonyuman 3 years ago
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