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Are Commercial Cannabis Grows An Easy (Or Viable!) Business?

Are Commercial Cannabis Grows An Easy (Or Viable!) Business?

Published on August 17, 2019

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Starting your own legal, commercial-grade Cannabis grow operation may seem wonderful if your country just legalized or is about to, but today on Lex’s world we discuss all the pitfalls of running a high-startup-cost bus

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chefcam 3 years ago
No idea how you only have 1k subs man. one of the best grower channels there is
Cap_Stone 3 years ago
I looked into this and wow! Talk about over regulated! Think 'years' if you're going down this path ... and the government fees are yearly, not just a one time thing. And after all that regulation, you end up with over priced, over packaged and over dried bud. Lex, you are right ... I like quality weed so I grow my own. I would recommend visiting a pot shop on a Reserve before going to a government store ... cheaper gas too (Check out Shannonville just off the 401 West of Kingston Ontario).
BGYodaGrow 3 years ago
glad to have you here.
FauxPasArt 3 years ago
Enjoying your stuff. Been following on the YT for awhile and you helped get me thru my first grow! Just followed you to WT and set up my account here. Would appreciate if you take 2 minutes and check out what I do....primarily art and I make a line of rolling trays called "Happy Little Trays". Would love to send you one if you like. My channel is FauxPasArt

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