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Aphid Control & The New Mars Hydro Light

Aphid Control & The New Mars Hydro Light

Mars Hydro sent me some grow lights to test..and I say the more the better right?

Here are the links to Purchase these lights. Stay tuned for a video once it is set up.

TS600 Amazon Link:US Amazon : CA Amazon : UK Amazon : DE Amazon:

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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dopedev420 2 years ago
can't believe I'm just now coming across your channel ❤❤
marshydro 2 years ago
Thanks for using our Mars Hydro led. Welcome to participate our contest to win more lights or tents. Just upload video to show grow under our product and mention "Mars Hydro" in title. Check rule details here:
steppinelf 2 years ago
wow, I didnt think that they would come indoors I'll keep an eye on my babies :( one more thing to worry about. Love n luck Mrs V!!!

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