Another Harvest?!? | Mars Hydro Grow Journal TS and SP

Another Harvest?!? | Mars Hydro Grow Journal TS and SP


Zoltrix Grower

Published on March 15, 2021

Hello and thanks for Clicking today!

Today we have reset the dry tent, harvested the 2x4 and cleaned and reset it, and we harvested a plant from the main flower tent! Dry tent is full, veg and 2x4 are clean and reset. We do a really quick one today!

It would sure mean a lot to me if you hit the

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Zoltrix Grower 4 months ago
Thanks for watching and have a great week!
Wabbit 4 months ago
very nice harvest man, you back to back, taking the perpetual harvest to a new level, hahahaha and you already flowering the next batch, right on man, so good to see and happy the system (flower, veg and timed out for the harvest) you have in place is working fine, perpetual will never end if you keep the cycle, some solid genetics man and gonna be some sweet smoke, stay safe and happy growing
base79 4 months ago
My mimosa had some purple as well. I got to get a drying tent so cant offer no advice for ya there. I just hang in my basement with no circulation. Not ideal I know. Its freezing down there too. lol. I'm going to take the old junk tent I just ripped down and try to fix the zipper and use it as a drying tent.
bluhousegrow 4 months ago
lookin great always good to have a harvest happy growing
DLgrower 4 months ago
Great harvest as always dude, keep up the great work!
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