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ALL The Different Ways To Consume Weed

ALL The Different Ways To Consume Weed

Today I list off consumption methods for Cannabis: there's combustion, vaporization, tinctures, creams, edibles, drinks...which are a form of edibles...and even eating pot raw (yes, even without a decarb, it's just SUPER inefficient)! Yep, there's lots of ways to intake the herb. Today o

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maryjane624 4 years ago
Hi there! I enjoyed your video .. I would like to add to your information on eating cannabis flowers .... if you are like me and edibles don't work .. and you want a direct blood to brain experience without vaping or smoking you can just decarboxylate the buds first and then put under the tongue. I have COPD and even vaping bothers me so this is a great alternative without a lot of chemistry work. I even started vaping decarbed buds and it is a much smoother vape .. cleaner ... and it takes out the step of having to transfer THCA into THC as that is already done so you are vaping the thc directly. I notice the high is also very crisp and clean.... Hope this helps!