ALERT - I Was WRONG!  This stuff is Pure Poison!

ALERT - I Was WRONG! This stuff is Pure Poison!



Published on January 26, 2021

When i was a kid i bought this sweet sounding remote controlled Bat. I got a rubber Bat, 2 strips of tape, and some Fishing Line. So it is with Terpenes. I am so sad I did not buy the smallest size. At least Amazon tool their Snake Oil back.

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ProudCanadianCannabis 4 months ago
Sorry to hear that you got scammed Thud! But you are absolutely right about one thing, there is no substitute for curing properly and drying low & slow over at least a week to 12 days in a 45 to 60% humidity at 60 to 70 degrees F before the cure! This will allow for chlorophyll to breakdown inside the buds, getting rid of any green or hay like taste, also some harshness that chlorophyll causes when inhaled that makes you cough! Drying for 7 to 12 days in a higher humidity also allows for the terpenes to continue to mature through the drying and into the curing process! If you dry to fast you will stop both the chlorophyll from breaking down, and the terpenes from continuing to mature, locking in the chlorophyll inside the buds and stopping the terpenes from ever releasing it full terpene profile! Giving you under-rated tastes and a ton of chlorophyll locked inside making it harsh to smoke on! You have to make an environment you can control to dry in, I use a grow tent, it works great!
Highseeker 4 months ago
Good to know Thud....thanks for taking one for the team!....and letting us know not to buy these products.
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