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A Trip Through My Weedtube Memory Lane! Giveaway 2.0

A Trip Through My Weedtube Memory Lane! Giveaway 2.0

Published on November 20, 2019
Yep! You read and/or heard correctly this is a video of me going over my journey so far as a weedtuber! Oh and a giveaway too not that y'all care lmfao. Anyway imma keep it simple as I fucking can: comment prize 1, prize 2 or both! 1 entry per person per video (incase I end up doing another video befo
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Category : WeedTube
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xyotictv 3 years ago
I’d like to win prize 2! As for your trip down memory lane, it’s been awesome to know I’ve been by your side for so much of it. You’re an awesome friend and awesome content creator!
You are adorable, i'm so glad I found your channel!!!! Congratulations on all your videos, your vibes are awesome! prize 1 sounds cool!!
Pot4Pain 3 years ago
Man, I feel you about youtube! That's the exact reason I wanted to upload here, seems like a healthier environment in general. Prize 2 would be dope, I love different energy drinks that's why I started watching you! (I heart problems tho, so I only drink like 2 a week)
killer 3 years ago
I'd like to win both your giveaway packages. congratulations on your time spent here. your videos look good
grow420tv 3 years ago
I think your great! any prize is cool