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8 Signs of Cannabis Abuse - A Weed Blogger's List

8 Signs of Cannabis Abuse - A Weed Blogger's List

What are some red flags your relationship with Cannabis is no longer a good one? As A Pro-Pot activist, its important for me, as much as anyone, to recognize the existence of the other, darker side of the Marijuana recreational use spectrum...abusing Marijuana is a real problem that affects the mino
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Category : Vlog Life
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linyang95 3 years ago
This video definitely applies to me. My signs include: 1. Experiencing weak headaches. Given your explanation, I've definitely experienced symptoms of my body telling me I am smoking too much. At first, I thought I was just thirsty because hydration while high is important. So when I was receiving very mild headaches, I thought it was because of dehydration from smoking too much weed. In retrospect, it's my body sending me signals to take a tolerance break because I never experienced the headaches before I became an avid recreational user. 2. Irritated when my weed supply was low 3. Lying about my smoking frequency 4. Just always thinking about what time I am able to smoke 5. My wallet being drained (I'm from Australia, so it's expensive) 6. My high tolerance, lol