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70s style hash blended with BHO

70s style hash blended with BHO

Published on December 13, 2020

Johnny shows you how to make 70s hash using BHO to blend it all together. This modern high test hash has an old retro look and texture with a very powerful uplifting high We had to borrow a camera for this shoot and the sound quality is bad. Sorry everyone.

Peace Lo

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Category : WeedTube
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wojysmokes 1 year ago
Very kool never seen that done that way before!
GramJam 2 years ago
Those bicycle plates from Winnipeg are super cool! Neat keepers for sure. Do they go with the high handle banana's I've seen hanging in the garage? Those are pretty slick too. Had a few of my own, lol. Cheers Guys, and thanks for sharing. Nothing can replace the smell and lung feel of old school hash. I can smell it from Alberta! Ha!