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7 strains from Seedsman for my first official grow!

7 strains from Seedsman for my first official grow!

Published on December 15, 2021

Hi everyone, I am a rookie attempting my first official grow, indoors with a LED grow light. In July I started a plant outside from seeds given to me by a friend. Sad to say that plant was somewhat of a disappointment. So, here I am for help for you guys and I'm documenting the grow from start t

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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Thud 1 year ago
Hey OCE, 7 kinds al at once maybe too many. Do not be surprised if you reject all 7. Ask around for the best strain recommendations. After rejecting 25 strains, my fav is Scarlet Johansson from Honest Genetics in Oregon. 2nd fav is OG Kush. 3rd Romulan. Keep strain searching. There is a TITS strain that will make you come in your pants every time. Avoid piney tasting crap weed! The 2x4 is gonna be tough. Run 12 hours from the sprouts, to end up with 18" tall plants. Take cuttings of everything until you can evaluate each. Over kill the Lumens and ventilation, and run PH 6.5 EXACTLY, using API Aquarium Test Drops. Use 3 Gallon Tree Pots even with these super small 18" finished plants. Cut 50% of the lower plant off by week 5 for super hard nuggy Tops.