6 CRUCIAL Steps to Top Shelf Harvests

6 CRUCIAL Steps to Top Shelf Harvests



Published on August 25, 2019

Today I am going over the crucial steps that help get you higher quality buds you can be happy to keep on the top shelf. This is a full guide to harvesting and covers the flush, when to harvest, how to dry, trim and cure the flowers. This harvest is on the 5x5 Grow tent featuring ES300 led grow ligh

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FLO-GRO 1 year ago
Thank you Matt!!!! We all start to worry when you go missing?! Lol... esp since all the youtube BS. Found you on youtube about 6 mo. ago, followed you here.... now I am going all in for you at Patreon!! (On pay day, lmao) Im thankful for the substantial wealth of PREMIUM QUALITY information you share and teach to us! Pretty good with the video production to! Love the dope beats!!! Educational Entertainment at its finest! Thanks buddy! Seriously!
oakarmz 1 year ago
Another great video Matt! Quick question...since you are using organic dry amendments, do you ever reuse your coir?
mohawkmanny 1 year ago
extremely helpful
Barbarosa1965 1 year ago
Matt my friend, l still love you whole heartedly!!!!!!! Been bingeing on your vids l miss you straight up ☝ foolio you been acting with you plants as usual my brother, much love to you and the fam from under the structure.
Errick 1 year ago
Love Your channel keep doing what you're doing
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