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5 420 Items You Can Buy On Amazon | STASH or PASS

5 420 Items You Can Buy On Amazon | STASH or PASS

Published on January 18, 2022

There isn't much 420 friendly gear on amazon, but after hours of looking through products I bought 5 stoner accessories on amazon. Will they be worthy of your stash ? Or will we have to pass ? Who Knows... This is a repost from my YT channel, go check that out to see more of my videos posted the

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You can also buy plugs for your bongs to seal up the openings when you're cleaning it. Makes for less mess! Personally, I wouldn't use the gold papers. Many regular papers already contain heavy metals, so smoking gold leaf could lead to heavy metal poisoning. And $22 for 2 sheets? Sheeeee... Amazon has loads of 420 stuff, you just have know how to search for it.
Leefhed 1 year ago
Want to see that frost pipe for sure man. 🍁
TokeUhp 1 year ago
This video + more on my YouTube channel, feel free to go check it out !