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4x4 Big Detroit Energy grow ethos genetics

4x4 Big Detroit Energy grow ethos genetics

Published on August 06, 2021

In this 4x4 we have 4 Big Detroit energy from ethos genetics. Sativa dominate strain. Feeding Jack's 321. 2 in rockwool cubes and 2 in dwc buckets

Category : Growing/Gardening
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base79 1 year ago
Sorry yall for the commentary on this one. I was breathing heavy due to just getting over a sickness, not covid. Lol. And I was heavy fucking medicated on some strong homemade gummies. Thanks for watching everyone!
Looks great man, super stacked in there! Will be a good harvest for sure!
rysbigbuds 1 year ago
I thought my 5x5 was pretty full with 5 in there. Them be 4 big sexy ladies. Gonna be a great harvest there. Great root balls as well. Stay safe and happy growing. Cheers
Highseeker 1 year ago
Thats a beautiful sight! Packed in there...A++++ looking grow. Do let us know the yield per plant please.