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420 talk

420 talk

Published on April 22, 2020

Talkin about the 420 day for smokers

Category : WeedTube
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I went and looked at a house we were thinking about buying. I was pretty excited had a huge upstairs with no windows. Would be a great grow room not having to worry about light leaks. and it came with a 20 x 40 store front. Then I got home to check on the girls. Should start being ready to harvest in 3 weeks. quick one auto
Happy month of 420! Smoke portal ascension type shit LOL xo My 420 was great xo I got to record some music and read a bit xo meditate and smooooke heavy xo I smoked on some Lemon OG, Super Silver Haze and classic OG xoxo Big love to you from Ganjaland and the Midwest XO Stay elevated xo check my channel out sometime xo Bless up
BadGranny 2 years ago
Smoking Big Fatties, of some Ghost Of!! Happy 420 Brother!!
Farmer Jones 4 months ago
watching all the videos 2 yrs later... good content... keep pushing